Superhero Light Switch Plates - by Intergalactic Design

Nylon switch plate made from vintage 80s comic book pages, adhered with archival PVA glue. Two coats of crystal clear, satin polyurethane for long life. White switch plate screws included. Switch *not* included. FREE SHIPPING!

Available for $14.95 USD at Etsy.

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BreakTime is a simple utility that’s designed to help you remember to take breaks away from your computer. It never forgets a break, running in your dock and / or menu bar (or even in the background).

Mac App Store

Last night, at around 10pm, I started wonder why my eyes were so tired. Was it lack of sleep? Was it the glasses I’m wearing that are no longer the proper prescription? Then, it dawned on me — I had been looking at a computer screen for 9 hours without a break!

This seems like a good investment.

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my teeth are rotting and falling out piece by piece. a very painful thing to deal with every day. i would love to have a dentist look at them but its a choice of food or teeth and either way im gonna die so id rather have a full stomach i suppose

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This nice little plant that’s just been happily sitting there for like six months suddenly extruded these giant sacks that then split open into flowers bigger than my hand and OH GOD WHY IS IT SO HAIRY, WHAT IS IT????

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Themonator is a large, one-column theme that utilizes your entire computer screen.

This theme boasts loads of features, all of which include the following and are accessible via the appearance tab:

  • Ability to change the body font.
  • Ability to change the colors of the links and body text.
  • Opt to show or hide the people you follow and your avatar.
  • If you have the ask page enabled, a link will automatically show. The same goes with submissions and pages.
  • Ability to toggle the visibility of the feed, random, mobile, archive, and search links.
  • Ability to define up to four custom links.
  • Ability to enable the implemented Disqus commenting system.

If you like this theme and you feel that it will suit your blog, click on the picture to install the theme.



Repossessing Virtue: Marie Howe on Greater Simplicity and Laura Ingalls Wilder
» download (mp3, 15:53)
Trent Gilliss, Online Editor

Poet Marie HoweI met the poet Marie Howe once. Sitting in LaGuardia Airport with Kate, she and her beautiful daughter streamed right on by when Kate grabbed her to say hello. You know how it is when the person you’re traveling with meets an old acquaintance and starts catching up. You say hello and then politely stand off to the side or sit in the margins as they catch up and talk about old times.

But, this experience was delightfully different. She was instantly familiar, intimate without being awkward. She engaged me. She was funny, her frankness refreshing in its honesty without being harsh or offensive. She was real.

So, hearing her talk about taking walks with her daughter in her NYC neighborhood to experience reality rather than watching television as an act of simplicity mirrored the woman I spoke with in the airport. But, when Kate asks her about who’s she reading or looking to for wisdom, I expected to hear the names of esoteric poets or sophisticated literary writers — not Laura Ingalls Wilder and The Long Winter. I took comfort in just hearing her talk about that.

An anecdote: I made an editorial decision to include Marie Howe’s closing statements about the value of public radio. I had a similar deliberation about Jessica Sundheim’s good words for our Repossessing Virtue series. Here’s why. We ask people who they are turning to for wisdom and comfort during these economic times; one of those sources is public radio and, hopefully, Speaking of Faith. If they were grauitous, I would have omitted them; if I would have deleted their statements, I would have cheated them of telling their story for the sake of being humble. I’ll let you decide, and please let me know if you think I made the right or wrong decision.

(photo: ©Brad Fowler)

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